Installing a wind turbine for your home

Roof mounted wind turbine generating free electricityTypes of wind turbine

There are two types of wind turbine that you can install for your home, namely

  • Roof mounted wind turbines
  • Free standing or mast mounted wind turbines

Either type can either be connected to the national electricity grid or stand-alone (storing the energy they generate in a battery)

Size of wind turbine

Wind turbines come in a range of sizes from small turbines that just generate around 100w to huge turbines that will generate as much as 50kW.  The smaller turbines can be used to charge batteries, larger turbines that generate 600w or more can be used to help contribute to the electricity used by a home or business.  The wind turbines that are installed on a roof generally will be between ½ kW to 2½kW  in size.

The correct turbine for you will depend on your home and circumstances