How often should I check I am getting the best deal on my energy prices

Energy companies change their offers all the time.  every autumn it feels like they put the prices up.  all this means that to get the best deal for your gas and electricity you need to check for the best offers on a regular basis.

It's worth pointing out that often the best deals come with a minimum contract length with early exit charges that apply if you move before the end of the term.

The other thing to watch is that energy companies will move you to less competitive rates as soon as any special offer expires.  this can make a big difference to your energy bills.

In summary the best time to check your tariff is now and to keep checking on a regular basis.  we know its a hassle and this is where our site can help as we keep it as simple as possible.

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Moving house

after you move house you should definitely compare energy suppliers to see if you can get a better deal.  the chances are you will be put on of the least competitive prices they offer in the hope that you will let it roll for a while because you are busy with other things

Energy use changes

Because each energy deal is made up of a standing charge and possibly several tears of unit prices your usage will make a big difference to how the best deal for you looks.  e.g if you are a low user then it may be better to pay a higher unit price in return for a smaller standing charge.

If your circumstances change e.g buying an electric car or installing solar pv panels then these can dramatically affect your electricity usage. 

Gas usage can be affected by changing a boiler, cooker, improving insulation or installing a solar water heating system. 

All of these are great reasons to check that you are getting the best deal

Compare Energy Prices