How does transferring energy suppliers work?

There are only three steps to changing your energy supplier…

Step 1 – Finding the best deal

Using the free energy savings calculator you can compare the different energy suppliers to see which one is best for you.  Most people are looking for the cheapest supplier but you can consider other factors such as green sources for electricity.

Step 2 – Selecting a supplier

Once you have selected the supplier you would like to move to you just need to complete the switching application form online.  The information will then be sent to the new energy supplier and they will start the process of switching your account.

Step 3 – The changeover

Within a month you will be given a transfer date for when your new supplier will take over.  On this date you need to send your new supplier meter readings so that they can contact your old supplier and arrange for a final bill and closure of your account.

In summary there is not much work you need to do and you could save yourself a few hundred pounds a year by switching energy supplier.