Reading your gas and electricity meters

Why read your meter

It is well worth knowing how to correctly read your meter.  Many gas and electricity energy companies ask that you send them meter readings several times each year.  By submitting your own meter readings you will benefit as follows:

  • Your gas and electricity bill will be accurate as you will avoid estimated bills
  • You will not get any nasty surprises from paying too little and having to catch up. Also if you are in debt to your energy company it may make it harder to switch energy company to get a better deal.
  • You will know that your bill is an accurate summary of what you have used which is useful information when comparing the prices of different energy companies
  • If the estimated bill is too high you are lending the energy company money free of charge when it could be reducing your borrowing or earning, albeit a small amount in the bank.

Once you have read your meter and can work out how much energy you have used why not spend a few moments to make sure you are getting a good deal by checking all the available offers using our free 100% impartial energy comparison tool . [Gas and Electricity Price Comparison]