Can every one switch energy supplier

The majority of people will have no problems at all in switching supplier. There are a few things that can affect your ability to switch supplier e.g.

  • If you are in debt to your supplier e.g. you have not paid your bill at least 28 days after receiving it.
  • If you have a special meter installed or tariff that other suppliers cannot support

It is not usually a problem if you have an outstanding balance with a current energy supplier as long as:

  • You pay for your energy in advance via a prepayment meter and have a debt of less than £200
  • Your supplier has increased its prices and you have said you want to switch and are able to pay off any outstanding balance within 30 days
  • You have an outstanding balance because your current energy supplier has made an error
  • If you are a tenant you can normally switch energy supplier

Before you decide to switch check if there is a cancellation charge if you want to end your contract early so that you can factor those costs into your calculation.

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