Tenants rights to switch energy supplier explained

Tenants switching energyOfgem have published guidance for tenants on their rights when it comes to choosing an energy supplier.

Under the rules, if a tenant is directly responsible for paying the gas and/or electricity bills, they have the right to choose their own energy supplier and the landlord or letting agent should not unreasonably prevent this.

In some circumstances, a landlord or letting agent may include a default supplier within their tenancy agreement, but where this is the case, the landlord or letting agent should make tenants aware of any tie-ins with specific suppliers. Ofgem's guidance makes clear that as long as you are directly responsible for paying the energy bill then you have the right to switch supplier at any time without incurring an exit fee.

The Ofgem 2013 customer engagement survey showed that only 23 per cent of consumers living in rented accommodation say they have ever switched their gas or electricity supplier. Many tenants may not know their rights or the potential gains that could come from switching suppliers. Today’s guidance for tenants is intended to help bust myths and break down information barriers that might be a contributing factor to this low switching rate.

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