Replacement windows can help reduce your heating bills

All properties will, inevitably, lose some of their heat through the windows.  Installing energy efficient glazing can make a big difference to keeping your home warm as well as reducing outside noise entering the home.

Reducing heat losses through windows will also have a positive effect on your heating costs.  The Energy Savings Trust (EST) suggest that installing B rated windows instead of standard single glazed units could save around £170 per year on your energy bills. 

Obviously, this depends on the size of your property but even so it’s a good saving if your windows need replacing anyway.

Other benefits of installing energy efficient windows include reducing your carbon footprint and making a more comfortable home.

The payback period for double glazing depends on a lot of factors such as what you are replacing as well as the cost of the windows being installed. 

We recommend that you get quotes from several suppliers before choosing a replacement window company to ensure you get value for money.