Solar Panels

Solar panels being installed Solar panels are a great way to generate clean, green and renewable energy. The panels harvest the power from the sun and either convert it in to electricity or heat your hot water.

If you are interested in having solar panels installed on your roof then please use the form at the bottom of the page to get up to three local companies to provide you with a quotation. Using the form is free and puts you under no obligation at all.

Solar PV Panels

The first type are solar panels that generate electricity. These are known as Solar Photovoltaic or Solar PV. These panels will earn you money for every unit of electricity generated (even if you use it all your yourself) via the Feed In Tariff (FIT). 

Thermal Solar Panels

The second type are called Solar Thermal Panels which use the sun to heat up your hot water which reduces the amount of electricity or gas needed to generate hot water for heating, baths, showers etc