My capped or fixed rate energy tariff is coming to an end – what should I do?

Most gas and electricity suppliers will put you on their standard tariff when your fixed energy deal or a capped energy price comes to an end.  It’s unlikely that this will be their best rates and as such you will probably see your energy bills increase.

Plan early

As your tariff comes to an end its well worth shopping around to see who the cheapest supplier is for your energy use.  It generally takes at least a couple of weeks to switch supplier so it’s pretty safe to start the switching process a couple of weeks before the end of your deal.
Remember to base your comparisons on the rate you will be moving on to as its unlikely that the deal that is coming to an end will still be available.
You can use our free no obligation comparison service to search for the best deal.

Diarise the end of the deal

Many of the deals on offer will have an expiry date.  We advise you to make a note of the expiry date or use our free reminder service so that we can remind you when your deal is coming to an end so that you can shop around and get the best deal for your energy.  By joining our free reminder service we will also occasionally let you know about other energy savings ideas to help you reduce your energy use.

Loyalty rarely pays

There used to be a time that customers who were loyal to companies got a better deal.  Now it’s more likely that loyal customers pay more than new customers.  This is true in the energy market, insurance and most financial services.  So don’t be afraid to shop around to get the best deal