Dual fuel deals

What is dual fuel?

Dual fuel simply means putting your gas and electricity with the same supplier. 

Should I consider putting my gas and electricity with the same supplier – dual fuel?

There are some benefits in having your gas and electricity with the same supplier, these include:

  • Many suppliers offer a discount for doing this because it’s more efficient for them to manage both your supplies.
  • It can be more convenient for you as you will only get bills from one company
  • It makes it easier to remember who to contact if you only have one supplier to remember
  • Often when the energy supplier sends someone to read your meter they can read both meters at the same time.

Will I be better off when I switch to dual fuel?

Yes, you will probably be better off switching to dual fuel. Because of the discounts given you will often find you pay less by having one supplier for both electricity and gas.  Quickest way to find out is to do a quick dual fuel comparison using our calculator to see how much you can save.

You don’t have to switch to a dual fuel supplier if you prefer not to. 

Is duel fuel different?

Nope, as far as the energy that is supplied to your home its exactly the same.  The only difference is that you will get a discount from the energy supplier for using them for both.  Compare dual fuel tariffs is the best way to ensure you get the best deal.