Electric Cars

if your daily commute is less than 80-90 miles then an electric car could save you a great deal of money on your fuel costs.

Based on our experience of our own electric vehicle you can charge up the vehicle overnight using economy 7 using either a domestic plug or a dedicated charging station which can be installed free of charge. 

our vehicle does about 4 miles per kilowatt which means depending on the cost of your electricity it works out about 2p a mile off peak.  there are not many cars that can boast that level of economy.

what makes it even better is that there are a number of charging stations that will enable you to recharge your car free of charge once you join (which is often free).

it's true that your electricity bill will increase as a result of owning and using an electric vehicle but this will more than be compensated by the fact that you don't have to pay for diesel or petrol.  it is important though is to get the best rate you can for electricity as you will be using more of it.

there are other benefits of ownership as well which include:

no road tax to pay as electric cars are 0 emissions no company car tax to pay until march 2015 as these are based in emissions

they are currently more expensive to buy than petrol or diesel cars and it's new technology with remaining questions about battery life.